MS has done nothing but aim high and shoot wide so far in the 8th gen.

But let me be really clear here: this is not a bad position in which to be.

Having the highest initial MSRP means the XB1 has the most space to adjust prices.

Take a look at the PS3 which went from an original $599 MSRP to the current $249 bundles with 250GB HDD. Sales picked up on the PS3 following the drop to $499 slightly, coinciding with some anticipated soft releases and then picked up significantly with the drop to $399, following the internal redesign with a lower production cost. By the time the base MSRP hit $299, the PS3 was at full steam and any talk of the Playstation brand being dead looked pretty foolish and shortsighted.

MS has the opportunity to do the exact same thing with the XB1. This is not a prediction that it will be able to replicate the later success of the PS3, but an observation that it could be done.

But it's not going to happen because some MS rep doing PR declares it. They have a lot of real work cut out for them, and talk and open statements will not cut it; they need to convince the consumers who are not in the Xbox brand pocket.

It can be done though.

- Reduce the production costs
- Lower the MSRP
- Offer a base bundle without Kinect
- Improve relations with independent developers; give them incentives to publish on XB1
- Continue to provide improved development tools for developers
- Improve XBL services and add additional value
- Commission new exclusive IPs
- Send a clear message to consumers that the XB1 provides entertainment value greater than the asking price