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AZWification said:

Wow. I wish I was as passionate as you, sir!

My collection in the photo from the OP is my consoles growing up. I've saved them all. That NES isn't my original one though. That one is in that room, but not hooked up. It works, but the cart doesn't stay down. It requires me to place a cart in, push it down and then while holding it down place another NES cart inside.

It also can't really be seen, but that N64 is decked out with Zelda stickers and the controller has the Majora's mask logo on the center, also a sticker. Yeah, i'm a Zelda fan.

I even have old (and WORKING!) PS1s, but they are in my parent's attic.

iPhone = Great gaming device. Don't agree? Who cares, because you're wrong.

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