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It's a rainy day and I don't have much to do around the house, so I decided to go downstairs to the basement and continue setting up my retro area. Still have some stuff to locate, like figuring out where in the hell my R.O.B. is and also digging out my old Atari 2600. Anyone else also here have an area for retro gaming?

Punch-out makes for great fun with friends over. I was so happy when I moved in and saw the previous owners left me an old CRT.


Pic is blurry. I need to take a new one as this was taken shortly after moving into my house ~3 months ago.

I also have a few shelves down in that room filled with NES, Genesis, N64 & Atari games. The majority of them are in the shed, packed away in large plastic bins.

Updated pic, but still missing R.O.B., my Atari 2600 and all the games that cannot be seen.

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Got a retro room? Post it here!