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Salnax said:
I'm not sure if "abuse" is the right word, but this site has in many ways gotten worse over the past few years. Not the community; I love it as much as ever. But the website's tools have generally become fewer, and the "Pro" thing is seemingly long forgotten.

And is it just me, or has the database not updated despite a new week's data being available for over a week now? I want to do threads about sales using VGChartz data, but I can't because the darn database isn't updated!

On a random note, as a pre-2010 member, I find this funny coming from somebody who joined late 2011. No offense Ninpie.

Why would I take offense to this? I witnessed the decline even though I joined in 2011. 2012 is when things really got bad. Do you remember the whole thing with them seperating the sites and also removing our DB? Yeah, I was here for that!

@Peh-Zeus; you would think so. Isn't this what he used to do anyway?