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Ka-pi96 said:

Well it seems I am not the only one anymore.

I don't know what the Game DB is so don't really care.

I like the current form of VGC. There was a thread a while back showing this site years ago and I think the current site is a massive improvement from back then.

Haven't seen many bugs, but they do get fixed. Yeah the homepage was terrible for a while but it works again now doesn't it?

So that is why I disagree with you. Don't know what is not to 'get' there.

Ignorance is bliss for many newer members, although I can't really blame you.

The Game DB is the database we had for everything this site was basically built around. That's how we were able to creat our game collections, contribute to the website in a form other than threads, and keep track of every game releasing. Now that's all taken away. 

There are still bugs. There have been many slowdowns on this site before the most recent one. So no, it's not fixed. There's also problems with posting pictures at times as well as video.

@Others; Do NOT talk about moderations in this thread. My thread is not for that and I will report you if you want to go off into that. The Mod team gets bashed enough, I don't want it to start in here.