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Samus Aran said:
Egann said:
Samus Aran said:
Clyde32 said:
DevilRising said:
TP took everything OoT did, and did it bigger and better. So by default it the best 3D Zelda since OoT.

SS was a nice attempt at something different, almost ruined by a horribly stupid design decision to use tilting controls for things that SHOULD have obviously used the IR pointer instead.

Case closed.

They did everything bigger, no one ever said better. 

The bosses are much better in TP in my opinion. 

The overworld is bigger and better. 

The design art is better. OoT is quite bland sometimes. 

The dungeons are about the same in terms of quality. Although one of my favorite dungeons in any Zelda game is the Shadow Temple. 

The combat system is bigger and better. 

More sidequests. 

TP has the better story. 

TP has by far the better sidekick. 

TP is longer. Although some could see this as needless filler sometimes. Especially the beginning of TP is too slow and a bit boring compared to OoT. 


Besides nostalgia, I can't see why anyone would prefer OoT over TP. It really depends on what game you played first to be honest. 

If I were an emotionless computer I would agree, but I don't think TP is as creative as Ocarina. And that's saying something, because Ocarina is actually pretty weak compared to ALTTP.

The problem is that TP feels more like an encore of Ocarina than it's own game, especially when compared with Wind Waker and Majora's Mask. Of course it's bigger and better, but there's really not that many new ideas to it.

I actually found the dark atmosphere very emotional, especially when you had to collect those tears in every area to purify it. And yes, I know many people hated that part of the game, but I loved it. Hearing the thoughts of the souls of the people was just very atmospheric.

But hey, I also think Metroid Prime 2: Echoes is the best Metroid. Perhaps I just like dark atmospheric games. :) 

Haven't played ALttP, but I will some day. Is it on the VC of the Wii U? I'm from Europe by the way. A Link between Worlds is one of my favorite Zelda games by the way, maybe even my favorite(together with TP). 

If we are going for atmospheric, Majora's Mask is where it is. Twilight Princess tried way too hard to be dark, and only succeeded in having low lighting. 

I love Metroid Prime 2, third favorite Metroid game. 

Oh, and should I point out some of the flaws with Link Between Worlds? If I do, it will be it's own thread.