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Samus Aran said:
Clyde32 said:
DevilRising said:
TP took everything OoT did, and did it bigger and better. So by default it the best 3D Zelda since OoT.

SS was a nice attempt at something different, almost ruined by a horribly stupid design decision to use tilting controls for things that SHOULD have obviously used the IR pointer instead.

Case closed.

They did everything bigger, no one ever said better. 

The bosses are much better in TP in my opinion. 

The overworld is bigger and better. 

The design art is better. OoT is quite bland sometimes. 

The dungeons are about the same in terms of quality. Although one of my favorite dungeons in any Zelda game is the Shadow Temple. 

The combat system is bigger and better. 

More sidequests. 

TP has the better story. 

TP has by far the better sidekick. 

TP is longer. Although some could see this as needless filler sometimes. Especially the beginning of TP is too slow and a bit boring compared to OoT. 


Besides nostalgia, I can't see why anyone would prefer OoT over TP. It really depends on what game you played first to be honest. 

The bosses are great in Twilight Princess, however, it's best boss battle never really captured the feeling of the final boss in Ocarina of Time. Theatmosphere, music, events and the fight were just amazing with Ganon.

The overworld is bigger, but I feel it is very lacking in the sense of exploration. To me it feels as though there is a whole lot of nothing there. If it weren't for the mini-map provided, I would have gotten lost several times, because there are many areas that look the same. 

I loved the design art in Twilight Princess. The character designs however...let's just say that the ordon children could have done better. 

I actually liked the tight combat system in Ocarina of Time far better. How swiftly a backflip is performed, how easy it is to sidestep, and who can forget sidestepping while shooting an arrow at a moblin around the corner? I did find the Twilight Princess system of skills quite enjoyable though.

The story is bigger, but I wouldn't say better. Sure, it was way more cinematic, but Ocarina of Time kept what made Link to the Past's story amazing. Most of the story was subtle, but it was what made Zelda what it is today. It put into place the Lore of Hyrule, not the Lore of some far off realm we have never heard of before. It gave the future installments something to tie back to. I highly doubt much will refer back to Twilight Princess. 

Midna would be my fifth favorite sidekick in the series, Navi being fourth. 

Like you said, the game is slow at first. It takes until after the third dungeon to actually pick up. Sure Ocarina of Time did the same thing, but hear me out. In Twilight Princess's story, it takes 30 minutes of playtime to get the sword due to you doing needless things i.e. fishing for a cat, retrieving a cradle etc. Once you get the sword you have to travel all the way over to the temple just to do a simple task, taking a good 10 or so minutes out of your time. The Castle segment as a wolf was okay at best, but the Twilight Realm was downright annoying when you missed a simple bug, and had to go all the way around the bog to get back to it. By the time you get to the first dungeon, you are already a good hour and a half into the game, and it still hasn't really done much yet. Even when you do go into Hyrule field, you are limitedto only Kakariko Village to travel to(without a horse, I might add) Then having to backtrack to ordon just to get a simple item. I would go further, but I've already said enough, and you get the point. In OoT, the dungeons are short and simple, not much is really needed to get to them other than a few trifes here and there. And after the third dungeon, the game takes the biggest turn in all of gaming history.