JoeTheBro said:
the-pi-guy said:
Zappykins said:

Ah, I see they have changed that.  First reports when I posted were still 720p.

But now I wonder if it's real 1080p or 'killzone' 1080p-ish.

Wasn't the first OR prototype just 720p?

It was a tiny speck higher than 720p.  

It's real 1080p.  

How heck could a screen have motion interpolated pixels like Killzone?

I guess if you compare motion interpolated to 3D combined pixels.

Looking at 2 different 960x1080 images which from 1 3D image, does give the illusion that your are looking at a higher res picture. In that case your eyes combine the left and right image. Killzone mp combines past and present from multiple 960x1080 images to create the illusion of 1920x1080.

Similar in a very non similar way.