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Zappykins said:


And it's only 720p!

er no its 1080p

Ah, I see they have changed that.  First reports when I posted were still 720p.

But now I wonder if it's real 1080p or 'killzone' 1080p-ish.

Wasn't the first OR prototype just 720p?

It's 960x1080 per eye, One 1920x1080 LCD screen.
The first OR was 640x800 per eye, One 1280x800 screen.
The new Crystal Cove OR (DK2) also has 960x1080 per eye, One 1920x1080 PenTile (RG,BG) matrix screen.
Although I don't know what the 1920 means when it comes to pentile matrix screens, bit shady if you ask me.

I guess that's what they're referring to with better image fidelity in the Sony prototype. (Unless they were comparing it to the old OR, but that would be kinda obvious)