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After FFX/X-2 HD releases for PS3 and Vita, I really think SquareEnix should give this entry a reboot as well.

FFXII's graphics were pretty top notch for the time. It was also the first FF where SE concentrated on less Film cutscenes and more in-game ones. The combat system is also fairly relevent to use. The collection should actually comprise of...

-FFXII HD Zodiac Edition(with updated Zodiac leveling system)

-FF Tactics: War of the Lions (this could be the same as PSP version but with trophies OR do a FFIII/IV level remake if feasible which would be awesome).

-FF Tactics Advance

-FF Tactics A2

-FFXII: Revanant Wings

The GBA/DS titles should be small enough in size and scope that having them all together shouldn't be too taxing.


What do you guys think?




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