Areym said:
Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:
Nem said:

yes, because US = the world. 


Oh wait... it doesnt.  


At the current rate, its entirely possible. It will also depend on announcements.

Yea but 5 million gap so early? The X1 has only 1.3 million to go vs ps4 has 3.9 million! Yea the ps4 is selling like crazy but when TitanFall comes out, I am sure the X1 will make it to 5 million than ps4 making it to 10 million

You know, you make it sound like Titanfall isn't also on the 360 and PC.

It is but I am sure something will be wrong with the 360 version like I have been hearing it might be 30 fps and etc and as for PC a) Origin and b) Not everyone likes playing on PC... That being said, I do understand paying $500 for TitanFall alone is a huge stretch but the xbox one is selling well none the less excluding the NDP numbers, TitanFall and Price Cut... Plus I am sure the only version MS is going to market is the X1 version or at least they are gonna do it the most


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