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Conina said:
Kaizar said:
yvanjean said:

I want to watch NEtflix and play Earthbound from my bedroom:P

BuT that's what the 3DS XL is for.

Netflix & Hulu Plus has 3D streaming movies.which renders the GamePad & PS Vita & Smartphones & Tablets useless in this day in age where every single movie is in 3D from the Great Gatsby to Need for Speed, which I look forward to seeing March 14 in 3D.

Watching movies in 240p... that's ugly. I love stereoscopic movies, but if I have to chose between 3D and resolution, HD wins big time!

And Netflix & Hulu Plus offer 3D streaming, but not on every device... do they support it on the 3DS? Up to last year they didn't.  And no, in this day in age NOT every single movie is in 3D!

The Nintendo 3DS with the 3D On gives more clarity then 4K Hd and more anti-aliasing then 8K HD, as shown in all the 3D movie trailers when watched with the 3D On. Just look at Threediots videos with the 3D ON, and Son of a Pitch.


Thats just 2014 alone. And also, I did not mean that literally, LOL.