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MDMAlliance said:
VitroBahllee said:
MDMAlliance said:

I think you're failing to understand something.  The point of the feature is to start a game as soon as the OS loads.  This means you don't have to wait for the OS to load normally, pick your user, then select the game from the OS once it has loaded up.  This makes it faster, not "look like" it's faster.  The load times may be the same, but since you're navigating less it cuts down on time by more than you think.

You just spelled out exactly what YOU don't understand.

Normally, the system boots up, you choose your Mii, your game icons appear, and the system goes into the game.

With this, your game icons appear, you choose your mii, the system boots up, and then goes into the game.

The only difference is the order of events. The time needed for each of them to occur is exactly the same.

No, you're missing out on something here.  The actually OS has to be booted up in the normal way.  The way in the video completely skips that step.

You boot the Wii U.  It loads up the OS, you pick your Mii, it loads the Miiverse + icons you can pick from including the game you have in.  In the video, you pick the game, your mii, and it loads up all the functions it needs to run afterwards and then runs the game immediately afterwards.  

You see the step that's missing now, right?

In theory - but I just hit the button on my Wii U at the same time as in the video and then pressed 'start' on a game icon as soon as that came up, and then did the whole process again for good measure. The game in the simulation was running LESS THAN FIVE SECONDS faster in the video than it was on my Wii U. What's the big deal with this? Showing off ANYTHING else would have been better.

N64 for VC. GBA for 3DS VC. I don't know. Not showing it at all would have been better, as giving me five extra seconds if I boot up in a different order seems like they are just trying to come up with something positive for the sake of something positive. It suggests they have hit a brick wall with the OS load speed and they're looking to do anything they can to come up with the promised improvements.

I'm okay with the Wii U OS being so spartan, but I would like it to work faster if it's going to be so spartan. If it's not actually going to work faster, then don't change the order of things around to save 5 seconds and call it 'Quick Boot.' Hell, calling it 'Quick Launch' for games would have made it more palatable, but acting like this is the earlier promised speed enhancements just rankles.