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VitroBahllee said:
ListerOfSmeg said:

Had that been the only thing shown you would have a valid point.


Okay so you do not own a Wii U and this has no impact on you in any way, yet you had to make a thread about it to complain and blowing it out of propertion as if it was the only announcement. All I can say is keep the hate alive

I absolutely own a Wii U and have had it since launch day. I am complaining about this because I don't see the point of even implementing this feature. I got excited when I saw they were implementing a 'quick boot' feature and then I got disappointed when I realized it wasn't any faster.

Why would you assume I don't have a Wii U because of my complaint? Do I have to be unable to admit being unimpressed with something Nintendo does to be a cardcarrying Wii U owner?

Some users are unable to express dislike with anything there favourite company does, even when everyone else is. But I don't own a WiiU so this doesn't concern me.