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Soundwave said:
trestres said:
Sounds to me as if they are planning to ditch the wii u... in which case... I rather not spell the catastrophe that will be, but it may be their only option.
They can say goodbye to their credibility and probably their role as a hw maker. It may be the best time to sell my Wii U now

Well I think Zelda U, Yarn Yoshi, Bayonetta 2, Animal Crossing U, Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros. U, Mario Party U, Hyrule Warriors, SMT x Fire Emblem, etc. are all still coming to Wii U, which should take them through much of 2015 at least. 

So I wouldn't throw out the console just yet.

My guess would be that games that Nintendo was thinking about greenlighting for the Wii U for 2016 and beyond however are quietly being pulled though. 

Could be.  A 4 year console life (through 2016 with a final trickle of games) would be short, but something they could overcome.


They could then release a new more powerful system without any controller (or a pro controller), allowing you to use your wii motes and tablet from the old systems.  And if you never bought said system, sold seperately.