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AlphaCielago said:
TheLastStarFighter said:
There are a lot of good titles there, I prefer quality over quantity. I don't buy crap games. X, Watch_Dogs, and MK8 are all must-buys for me. DKC is very likely and Smash is a maybe. I'd like to see one or two other big titles.

I would say that we also need to have titles filling in some dates. I think Spider-man is a good thing to have, even if it will bomb massively (on all platforms too), it wouldn't hurt. I for one am glad that Acitvision has continued to support us and it feels odd. I do wonder though how many more collaborative efforts Nintendo has succeded in doing, I think that strategy will be good to use if no one wants to support.

lestatdark said:

So what, you're telling me you call the movie March Attacks? 

I can see it now, giant greenheaded calendars attacking Jack Nicholson and Pierce Brosnan

OT - I really hope we get an actual date for X, SSB and MK8 as soon as possible. That will steer away some of the doom threads that have been popping up like mushrooms lately. 

Yes, that's sadly our curse.

OT - We'll get at least all three dates around E3 time. I still think X was shown at the oddest possible time ever. Not a single piece of info and we've gotten 2 trailers already. MK8 too, except we just got some info at E3, lol.

Nintendo needs the filler titles, but I don't really.  I practically never pick up the crap.  Just the high end titles.  I like AAA or indie/retro download for a quick spin, I don't care much for the middle fluff.  I don't have a tonne of time to play, so a title every couple months is good for me, as long as it's a title I want.