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Quarter 4 - Oktober

Game NA Releases EU Releases JP Releases
Skylanders - Trap Team October 5th October 10th N/A
Just Dance 2015 October 23rd October 23rd N/A
Pac-Man and the Ghosly Adventures 2 October October N/A


Quarter 4 - November

Game NA Releases EU Releases JP Releases
Lego Movie - Videogame Released Released November 6th
Watch Dogs Fall Fall Fall
Disney Inifinity 2.0 - Marvel Super Heroes Fall Fall Fall
Sonic Boom - Rise of Lyric November November November
Project Cars November November November


Quarter 4 - December

Game NA Releases EU Releases JP Releases
Super Smash Bros. for U Holiday Holiday Holiday
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Holiday Holiday Holiday
Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Quarter 4 Quarter 4 Quarter 4
Lego Marvel Super Heroes Released Released January 2015

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