Multishanks said:

It's pretty straightforward. A game that really didn't match up to all the praise that it received or the hype you had for it. Honestly, the last of us was going to be up there for me but I really was hyped for it to begin with so i didn't include it. So that gives you an idea of how i personalized it. Feel free to throw in an explanation or two.


Good stuff by the way.....just keep it clean. And some said how did God of War Ascension make it on my list. Because of the awesomeness that was God of War 3.

Oh Right thanks for clearing it up . I was just making sure it just was not another bash any popular game you dont like. I could do that easily.

Well keep FF13 on the list

2. Smackdown games. now called WWE games. I honestly can not tell the difference between smackdown shut your mouth and WWE 2013. A few gameplay changes like how to pin but its still the same game. Graphics look almost the same and im comparing a PS2 game to PS3. 2K14 looks worse than 2013 in graphics. Not so much the hype but pissed off with lack of improvement.


3. Resident Evil 5: I expected a survival horror game and got a stop and pop shooter. This is how bad it is. My brother hates every single RE game ever made. He hated it on PS1 and PS2. I got RE on PS3 he said why buy that crap. He tried it and never put the controler down. He also loves RE6. I also hate that game -_-


4. Resistance 2: After playing number 1 the gameplay changed. After seing the screens on how the game "looked". I thought wow teh graphixxxxx. The game looked good for its time but subpar, way way subpar to the screenshots or bullshots they were flashing around.


5. The fact Naughty Dog never made a new Jak game. I know it shoud not count but thats my biggest  upset of last gen. I loved uncharted 3 and the Last of Us. To be honest though, for my own selfish i was pissed off when they were announced instead of my beloved Jak game.


Sorry for the speech but a list is just a list and it does not really mean a thing.

Nobody's perfect. I aint nobody!!!

Killzone 2. its not a fps. it a FIRST PERSON WAR SIMULATOR!!!! ..The true PLAYSTATION 3 launch date and market dominations is SEP 1st