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ktay95 said:
Kaizar said:
ktay95 said:
Just picked the first one today, cant wait to play it. SQEX should definitely make a series out of this. Maybe in the future it can even get home console releases

Square-Enix only made this IP because of 3D.

But if enough people own a 3D TV in the future, then maybe we will get a Home Console release, but that seems like a 5 or so years waiting we would be doing for a Home Console one.

I wouldn't hold our breath.

but the characters are so ugly on3DS compared to this amazing artwork =(

At least the game so far has been amazing

I wasn't talking about the models, but I think they looked cute in the first game, but yeah, I do want way more better models that can actually look something like the artwork, instead of that basic look, and I think we will get those.

The 3DS has way more better textures & shader abilities then the Wii, and the 3DS is capable or around the same polygons vertex performence as the Vita and the 3DS has around 100 shader cores and the 3DS can do at least 5 times more open world then Lego City Undercover with polygon graphics; according to such Devs as Warner Bros. & High Voltage & Lego & etc.

Just compare Donkey Kong Country Returns on both Wii & 3DS, and same goes for Mario and Sonic London Olympics & Spider-Man Edge of Time for Wii vs. 3DS.

Ironfall is another good example, and with only 7.24 million polygons because there is only 2 or so Devs who developed IronFall. Games like Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate & Final Fantasy 13 have like 130 million & 300 million polygons, and look horrible.

You can click e YouTube link in my signature to check out 3DS vs. Wii comparison on character models.