Aww, I thought you were cool, Outlaw, I enjoyed helping you out in the Bravely Default thread. D: I even thought, maybe one day, we could have rebuilt Norende together...

pokoko said:
There is a segment of the Nintendo fanbase that I really, really dislike. They make it harder to want a Nintendo product sometimes, though that's just until I see a game I want.

This isn't a slight at you or anything, but I see this type of thinking enough that I think it's worth a post.

For me, speaking solely out of personal experience across several gaming forums, Playstation fans tend to rub me the wrong the way the worst. There always seems to be a certain group that trash talk or downvote anything Nintendo or Microsoft related, while hailing every new Sony IP as if it's the only game worth playing. I've seen obnoxious fans who used to pop into 3DS discussions just to trash the hardware before the Vita's long-term success became apparent. I've seen fans who go all mega-butthurt mode everytime a third-party exclusive is confirmed for a Nintendo or Microsoft platform, crying about money-hatting, while hypocritically remaining silent everytime a Playstation platform gets one of these exclusives. Or worse, when a former Playstation exclusive dev or game goes onto other well as Playstation. And worst of all. The fans who actually go out of their way to go into positive or milestone Nintendo/MS threads to downplay or talk about their preferred Playstation platform, for literally no reason than to rile up people who don't align with their own console of choice.

Anyways, my point isn't to trash Playstation fans with these examples. I'm well aware that these fans are in the minority...much like that segment of the Nintendo fandom that irks you so much. However, it really makes no sense for either of us to hate on an entire product line simply due to an obnoxious minority in the fandom. Much like you shouldn't be basing your opinion on Nintendo off some of the Church of Nintendo people out there, I shouldn't be basing my opinion of the PS fanbase off a certain banned user with a caligraphed letter in his avatar.

Now, you seem to be a pretty reasonable poster, so this post probably goes without saying, but I think it's a lesson a lot of gaming hobbyists on the internet need to listen to. Nothing good ever comes of basing your opinion of an entire group on a vocal minority. 

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