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brendude13 said:

Oh wow, we've never heard this before.

Final Fantasy VI is an objectively bad game.

Care to back up your statements with facts or at least palpable arguments?  I'd love to hear how FFVI is in any way bad.  Great characters, the best FF Villain, one of the best game soundtracks ever, Half linear, half completely nonlinear, two complete, unique worlds, a super large cast, tonnes of side quests and backstory for almost every character, a simple but immensely fun magic and esper system, gameplay that included gamer input (Sabin's blitz's, Setzer's slots, being the best examples), gameplay that went out of its way to not JUST be boring RPG crap, like steal missions, concurrent plot lines, divergent control, multiple parties.  

Yeah.  No.  IT was not objectively a bad game.  Nice lame attempt to troll.  

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