orniletter said:
ganoncrotch said:
supernihilist said:
denying evolution is like the most moronic thing ever isnt it?

its pretty much all over the place lol

People literally want to be able to put an apple in the Sun light and see it grow legs and walk to shade before it wilts, otherwise to them the apple can't change ever. Just disregard the fact the planet has been here for 4.5billion years and go with what you've seen in your backyard in 20 mins.

I love your analogy. He literally wants to see a cockroach morph into a shark and bite him in the ass before his very own eyes.

There is a fundamental misunderstanding how evolution works right infront of us. Baffling.

But OooSnap is the same person who thinks that Dinosaurs lived at the same time as caveman.

So this thread, and his line of thinking is sadly not surprising.

Well, thinking that is fine if you've grown up just watching the flintstones. But surely when presented with the fact that we never actually mixed cement inside the bill of an ancient bird or used a giant (Stegosaurus) as a sort of Earth mover he would change his views? I really don't have the time to go digging about for it now, but I'm quitely confident that a religious higher up suggested a while ago that Jesus may well have encountered a Raptor and he would have rode it.... So you can surely see where some(all) of the confusion is generated from.

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