Wii U news of 13/12/2013:

  • NPD: dissapointment in Wii U (not like that's new), and a lot of numbers. 
  • Here are two articles about the eShop deals/new games for this week/upcoming week. This is one, and this is two. You choose which to go...
  • Namco Bandai opens a teaser site. Unknown if it's Nintendo related, but it was posted on a Nintendo related site. Ok? Ok.
  • So, for those who don't know: there's been a controversy in Youtube about LPing/showing gameplay footage, so a lot of YTers have been getting their videos Content ID'd (I think it means that the owner of the IP gets the ad revenue, and not the content creator/youtuber). Nintendo is one of the companies that has been Content IDing. This is due to Youtube's updates and relationship with Google lately. So everybody is pissed off at Nintendo, Ubisoft, Capcom, and every Company/Developer that has been making the Content ID's. But this is because of Youtube, not this Companies. And now this comes out, which proves that this is Youtubes fault, and not the developers. But this could also be because of the developers because they have their head inside of their asses and think they can do whatever they want with their IPs.

TL;DR Youtube has a problem that could be the Dev's fault (AKA Nintendo), but this dissproves it.

And because I made a really long post, here's some kitties


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