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My PS3 assumption for March 31 was based on a userbase of 1.88 million (before the site was updated today) at the end of February. That would mean 1.4 million or so PS3's sold in March. Of those, I had 1,000,000 going to Europe mostly (80% +), but also Africa , non Japan Asia and Australia. I figured 150k with Gundam in Japan, and 250k in the Americas (like January...but only 4.5 weeks). After that, demand dies down for PS3 because of the price and lack of killer apps in Europe and Japan. North American sales stay about the same 200-300k until big games come or until a big price drop comes ($50 off would take it 360 levels I think, call it a 50k per month boost in the USA). Kirby 007 was about right, if Wii is to catch 360 it will probably be this year between September (6 months from now) and December (9 months from now).

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