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BeElite said:
bosslug said:
If PS3 does eventually outsell the Wii, I know there will be plenty of threads discussing how PS3 'wins' 7th gen. But how can they be winners of that gen when it has already finished? IMO, Wii won the gen because it led at the closing of 7th gen and start of 8th gen and saying "PS3 wins 7th gen halfway through 8th gen' is completely redundant

what did the wii win ? its dead and its succesor is dead in the water while PS3 and 360 are selling great and brawling it out for the 7th gen.

Wii > X360/PS3 in sales, it won in marketshare. Pls dont be in denial. A dead Console that won plain and simple. If i made 100mil dollors in 5 years and stop working and you made 80mil in 8 years while i stopped working, i still made more money than you regardless. :-/