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I own one. For well over a year now. I love it.

Here are a few things that I love about my Vita.

(1) The large screen. Its beautiful, games looks crisp and colors are the best I have ever seen on a handheld.

(2) The games. The ability to port perfect console games are a HUGE plus. SFXTekken, Need For Speed, Wipeout, Ultimate Marrvel vs Capcom3 play well and controls superb.  It also plays your ps1 titles. 

(3) Original IP's. Yes, the Vita has some trully standout content so far. Soul Sacrifice, Guacamelee, Gravity Rush, Tearaway, Dokuro are a few of my favorites.

(4) Cross Buy. This is a feature that Sony does not get enough credit for. You pay 1 price you get both versions ps3/Vita game. This is so consumer friendly, in this money hungry industry. 

(5) The graphics. I admit, Im a graphic whore. I have always wanted games to look on par with real life. Grass, trees, buildings, people movement, vehicles etc. The Vita has brought my dreams full circle. 

Things I hate about my Vita.

(1) Memory. I would have thought Sony would follow what they did with the pspGo and put at least 16 Gigs of internal memory. I have upgraded my memory card twice now, from 4,to 8 to now 16gigs. I think im at the sweet spot. I currently have 11 games downloaded to my Vita and erase and re-download when needed. 

(2) The price, (I bought mine at $250), But I think at $179 its at a perfect price point. 

My personal thought, More gamers need to support the Vita. The tech is there, the games are there and with plenty of Indle titles coming from here on out. Remote play with your PS4 is great if you have a strong connection. I play from work and at many local starbucks and I luv it. As always, 

Keep on Gaming.