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kowenicki said:
colafitte said:
Carl2291 said:
And that PS4 number is far, far lower than I expected.

No, it was absolutely expected because Sony was forcing shops to say they don't have ps4 available to sell all of them for Black Friday. Basically, Sony sacrificed 2nd week PS4 in NA to have the leadership secured on BF against Xbox One.

as I said... this was a ridiculous notion.

OK OK, I admit my defeat and i should receive punishment for such mistake!!, But 1 week ago, I'm sure anybody expected so low numbers for PS4 at Black Friday.

In my defense, in other thread, just a few days after, i put this....


It seems that i was too optimistic with 500k ps4 for BF....I was expecting something like 300k for Xbox One...., now i don't have any clue what they will do... but if i have to guess...

Zbox One: 300k
Xbox 360: 400k
PS4: 250k
PS3: 300k
WiiU: 200k
Wii: 100k
3DS: 700k
Vita: 150k

And even you must admit i was close in the end (except PS4).