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Kresnik said:
benao87 said:
Kresnik said:

Lightning hasn't actually dropped like a rock, which is something different for the series at least. Criminal Girls & Dynasty Warriors Vita not so hot though. Nor Assassin's Creed for that matter. Or Toriko and Kamen Rider.

78% (MC)/ 82% (Famitsu) is still a high drop, but I'd say that it can be like FFXIII-2 when a lot of people realized it wasn't a bad game, and got it on week 2.

Oh, definitely.  But don't JRPG's like this normally drop like ~90%+ FW?  Noticably less than that.

You're right, most of them are very front loaded and a drop in the range of 85% is always expected. However, I reckon that after the bad reception FFXIII got, people reacted differently to FFXIII-2, and I guess the same applies to LR. According to VGC, the first one had a 1.4 FW, and sold 179k the second week, a 87% drop; FFXIII-2 on the other hand, 538k FW, then sold 119k on the second week, a 79% drop.

Acevil said:
kopstudent89 said:
Why would anyone be surprised by Vita TV numbers? It's so pointless.

I wanted one! T_T

I reckon you can still get one. I do expect Sony to release it on Europe and NA.

I wonder, where did the PSPGo were first released?

outlawauron said:

How is LR still above 3D World?

Edit: Wii U HW did quite well this week though.

I guess you are right, expecting 3D World to outsell LR, but it will take some time. More than just one week.