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carlos710 said:

So low shipments are the excuse for flopping now ? ROFL

I guess thats why the Virtual Boy didn't sold hundreds of millions. It shipped less than what it should in those years.


Come on people. If you want to see the Vita doing better go out and buy some games instead of making up wild excuses in forums.

Acevil said:

Sorry but that is no excuse, that just means that it had low expectations. Add: Given I don't much about the title, or who made it, haven't been following titles that I don't know if it will make it here or not..

The PSP version of this game sold ~17k FW.  Criminal Girls Invitation is a remake of that title with a couple of new characters and a bit of new content added.

I have to wonder what the hell your expectations were for it.  Selling more than the title its a remake of (with digital) isn't exactly a flop.  It's not a roaring success, either but still.  If "selling the same as the previous title" = massive flop, then we should be calling Mirai 2 a massive flop as well.

And besides, there's better things to be analyzing this week than this (if anything I'd be looking at why Dynasty Warriors massively under-performed on Vita; not Criminal Girls).