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29. Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
GameCube (2004)
Intelligent Systems

By the time Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door came out, I was already a big fan of the original Paper Mario. It's unique art style, fun and engaging gameplay, and wonderful cast of characters drew me in and never let me go. So by the time The Thousand Year Door released 3 years later, I was ready for another fun quest with Mario. What I didn't realize was that this sequel was more than just "bigger and better", and that Intelligent Systems (one of the most underrated Dev teams out there) would craft a magical adventure of epic proportions. First of all, I have to give credit to IS and Nintendo Treehouse for some of the best dialogue and characters I've ever witnessed. Vivian, Bowser, Rawk Hawk, Cortez, Pennington... they're just so lovable and memorable. Not only are the characters great, but both the overworld and the in-game battles are a joy to play through. All in all, this is an unforgettable game with unforgettable cast of characters.