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curl-6 said:
sub-zero-TM said:
Zappykins said:

I really like the books and the movies. Very much looking forward to the 2nd Hobbit movie, as Smaug is my favorite of all of Tolkien's characters. He is so strong and powerful that he thinks nothing can hurt him. He has almost a childlike curiosity about Bilbo. Even-though he thinks things are trying to get him he laughs and jokes with them.

Plus dragons are just cool.

Me too! The Desolation of Smaug looks badass and looks to be darker than Unexpected Journey which is very welcome, plus i love dragons!!

I have waited since I was 4 years old to see what Smaug would look like on film. I ADORE dragons.

Yup dragons are epic i adore them too,can't wait to se Smaug in action.