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YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So i'm making this thread because i'm really angry at my really dumb friend who for some reason doesn't like Lotr (what an idiot) i just can't understand how can people hate Lotr. So i just wanna see how many people here like this epic masterpieces and i want my friend to realise what a shitty taste in movies he has . I watched the trillogy so many times i can't even count and i'll probably keep watching them until i die lol! return of the king is probably my favourte movie ever! I liked the hobbit too and i'm very excited for the new one coming out soon but that's a different matter.

My sister hates Lotr too she thinks it's borring but she loves the Twilight movies and adores that Taylor guy so nuff said about that! poor kids these days 


Here are some of the epic scenes from the movies if you wanna feel some goosebumps ;)


Gandalf charge/Helm's Deep -

The Ents attack Isengard -

Theoden and Rohan army charge/Minas Tirit -

Army of the dead arrives -

Death is just another path.. -

Pippin's song -

For Frodo/Black Gate -

I Can Carry You! -

The Eagles are coming -

The Lighting of the Beacons -