Mensrea said:
I think that a natural distrust of government is healthy. We should always be examining our government, and make sure they are not getting to powerful/taking advantage. Often times they DO take advantage of our ignorance, and exploit us: (See NSA).

That being sad, I don't think that the US government has any interest in crashing our economy, and killing citizens. Are their things about 9/11 that seem off? Sure, but lets not jump to outrageous conclusions.

I agree with this. No one should have blind faith in anything (religion, government, etc.). I hate it when people say "talking about conspiracies over 9/11 is disrespectful to those who died." That couldn't be further from the truth - questioning the events is taking the most measures to make sure the respect of the dead is upheld.


Good that we seek deeper for answers than what our government spoon-feeds us. Even if there is nothing more to uncover.