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38. New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Wii (2009)
Nintendo EAD 4

By the time New Super Mario Bros. Wii came on the scene in 2009, fans were already delighted with 2D Mario goodness thanks to New Super Mario Bros. on the DS. However, for 2D Mario to truly return to prominence, he would have to return to where he truly belonged: console gaming. 18 years had passed since Super Mario World on the SNES, and fans were frothing for classic Mario platforming on the big screen. Well thankfully New Super Mario Bros. didn't disappoint, and it even brought us plenty of surprises to go along with the fun. First of all, the addition of local multiplayer was a genius move on their part, allowing for hectic and crazy 4 player fun (it was never pretty, but it was always fun). They also brought in some fantastic new powerups in the Propeller Suit and the Penguin Suit (personal favorite!). Not only that, but the Koopa Kids finally returned to stand in Mario's way. Ludwig Von Koopa finally got the spotlight he deserved. All in all, New Super Mario Bros. Wii was a return to form for the 2D stage, and showed us all that 2D will never go out of style as long as the game is great.