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39. Donkey Kong Country Returns
Wii (2010)
Retro Studios

By the time Retro Studios finished Metroid Prime 3: Corruption in 2007 (and completed the trilogy), the studio was regarded as one of the most talented developers in gaming. But the question remained, what could they do to continue their winning streak? Well, the answer came with the sound of bongos and bananas back in E3 2010. Donkey Kong was back to reclaim his country after a 14 year hiatus, and Retro Studios was at the helm. Still, folks were curious whether they could transition genres so easily and retain the genius that Rare infused in the series all those years ago. Well, when the game landed, all doubts were quickly erased as we were treated to some of the best platforming in the entire genre. The difficulty was classic Donkey Kong Country (always tough, but always fair) and the game was quality through and through. I for one, cannot wait for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. It shall be glorious!