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kupomogli said:
ninetailschris said:
kupomogli said:
Mensrea said:

Next gen graphics don't suck. :)

Use first party Nintendo games that aren't X and you may as well be showing pictures off that are marginably better than what the Wii can handle, just in HD.

You're delusional.  I'm sorry there is no way could that never play on the wii at 20 fps let alone 60. The lighting and poly alone make this crazy. Sd to Hd is huge.

Except I never said it could play on the Wii, and I did mention the HD.  Here's what I mean about marginably better.  If the PS2 HD Collections were slightly touched up to look slightly better.  So HD and looks a little better, but hardly much of a jump. 

Infamous Second Son looks like it's more of a jump between any PS3  game than any Mario game is to the  first Super Mario Galaxy.

I dunno, I'd say that the leap from Mario 64 to Mario Galaxy absolutely dwarfs the leap from Infamous 1 or 2 to Infamous Second Son.

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