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Alright people let's talk. Some of ya'll are "hardcore" Sony/Microsoft fanatics. Me, I'm a Nintendo fanboy. That being said, I know that all you "hardcore" players still love to bounce on some goombas from time to time as well as slashing at pots full of rupees, who doesn't? Don't try to deny it... just don't. No one can resist the addrinline rush that occurs when one is in first place and hears the blue shell approaching. What better way can you spend your time than being indebted to Tom Nook? 

So, this brings me to my point. If Nintendo were create a program where people could buy their system and then pay an annual subscription fee and be able to play any game on Nintendo's console, for any length of time until the system is dead, how much would you be willing to pay? Basically, instead of buying individual games for $50-60 a piece, you could pay a subscription fee per year and play as many games as you want (download them).