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Yeah Monster hunter kicked butt! it's really shapping up the franchise for it's debut on the ps3. Also shows the PSP is far from dead in Japan. I'm just annoyed we got two Monster Hunters before we got 1 FF title. BTW I just picked up Jewel Summoner on my PSP, it's really good. It's got nice turned based gameplay slick animations, and really nice charachter designs/animation and painted backdrops for story scenes, plus pretty good voice work. It's definitly an underrated game. Fire emblem did as about as good as I expected, Naruto did worse then I thought it would nonetheless it's like the fifth one they blasted out straight from the series on the GC and being that they really haven't mixed it up much I can see interest starting to fade unless they shake it up. With that said I'm dying to mod my Wii so I can import this game, I love Naruto fighters!