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Mr Khan said:

I did a significant overhaul this year, since i built my 2011 list almost purely off of gut instinct, and then based my 2012 list off my 2011 list with only one or two revisions (outside of the new games added). This year i have introduced a three-criteria scoring system: a score of 1-10 (on a .5 scale) under: first impression, replay value, and quality (a more "objective" measure of how fair or refined the gameplay was, for the most part, as well as rewards or punishments for good or poor graphics/sound/art etc). Each score is added together, and that determines the general order. For ties "gut instinct" goes back into play.

Some games have huge movements either up or down in the hierarchy. A few were eliminated, one from two years ago ended up restored (yeah, i did it already. Damned impatience).

That sounds like quite a good way to do it. I may just have to steal your scoring system