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Slimebeast said:
I wish I could participate but I have 2 problems:

I don't have much time to really make a serious top 50 that represents all my gaming history.

I doubt nobody even reads these lists or cares very much, I feel like I'm far too insignificant as a member for anyone to really care what my top 50 games are.

1. Remember that while you have until November 12th to create your preliminary list, you can always tinker around with it until December 31st. What I like to do is just go through every game I have and write it down if it even has a chance of making the top 50. Then with that list I go and start @ number 1 and work my way up from there. You'll be surprised at how much fun you're having going through and reliving all those great games!

2. Bwahahaha. *wipes tear from eye* Good one Slimebeast. ^_^

2.5. Oh, you're serious?! No way my good sir. Every member worth their salt here at gamrConnect knows that you're a great member here. I'm honestly really hoping that you participate because of your diverse tastes in consoles and games. I for one can't wait to see what games 2-50 are (as we already know what game will be number 1. )