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shams said: Darc Requiem said: Ookaze, you are absolutely correct. Anyone that says a character in a Fire Emblem game is invincible is someone that hasn't played the game. Completing a Fire Emblem game without losing a character is quite the task. Particularly on the GBA incarnations. Lost plenty of characters, and had to replay lots of missions. Just not on the last mission. And I found the last 4-5 missions too easy - as if I had leveled up too much prior to that.
I had to replay several missions and i didn't lose any characters. If I chose not to be so adamant about keeping everyone alive the game would have been "easy" but I chose not to play that way. Now with the GBA titles...I haven't been as fortunate. Well Sacred Stones is pretty cool because you have the ability to grind in it. The first FE game for GBA, that hit the US that is, was a lot harder because there was no way to really build you characters up.