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ListerOfSmeg said:
JoeTheBro said:
ListerOfSmeg said:

Wow I cant imagine taking my hand entirely off the controller and trying to fit it into such a tiny space only to have to expand my fingers to zoom. I dont see why they didnt make it bigger. its going to be hard for adults to use it with so little room.

Just use your two thumbs:

That seems even worse as my thumbs are on the analog sticks. I would lose complete control over my character while I fight to fit my thumbs in such a tiny space..

That blew your mind? Wow dude. It wasnt even a good idea.

It's no different than using any other button that forces you to let go of the analogue sticks. It is super easy dude. Unless you have issues pressing the d-pad, x, square, 0, triangle, start, select, or ps, you will be perfectly fine with the touchpad.