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JazzB1987 said:
no its not just part of growing up its because the games became shitty.

Do you like RPGs? Play xenoblade when I played it I felt like I was sitting in front of my SNES and everything was fine.

Todays games are usually overpriced they are made for dumb people (everything has to be explained) to repetitive to linear (goldeneye/perfect dark stage design VS modern shooter "corridors") focus to much on VISUALS etc.

Todays games are made for dudebros and people who want to be cool (thanks to PS3 and 360 gaming became cool) not for gamers anymore because there is simply more of them out there.
Even a COD producer/dev said in an interview a week or so ago that (most) people who play COD are not gamers they are people that play COD and maybe FIFA/Madden so called mainstreamers.

He added that when he asks people if they play games they always say "no just COD and or Madden/Fifa"

The reason why games are "bad" now is because they are not supposed to be real games.
Its like Transformers its a popcorn movie its not art or a masterpiece.

Well said.