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spurgeonryan said:
DevilRising said:
I WOULDN'T base it on the Thrawn Trilogy or any other expanded universe material. At all.

I'd go with whatever Lucas already had written down years and years ago.

I would say that we need to start to move away from Lucas. Not totally original stuff, but just not all lucas either. Star Trek has had a nice reboot, why not do that for Star Wars as well. Not that they need it, but it could get many more people interested.

I would personally argue the point that the Star Trek reboot has been "nice". But that's a personal opinion. To me, it's been garbage, and it has me still worried about what Abrams is going to be allowed to do to Star Wars. In THAT sense, I'm very glad that Lucas is still hanging around in a "yes you can do that/no you can't do that" type of advisory role.

As for moving away from Lucas, call me a purist, but to me, the only truly "canon" Star Wars material are the movies. There is some really nice stuff in some of the games and expanded universe books, but honestly, when you get too many people trying to add to a mythos, it becomes a mess, which it has.


Not sure what that is supposed to be, but people have seen a fairly detailed outline of ideas Lucas had for a possible sequel trilogy. That has been confirmed more than once. Some of that material seems to be the basis for the actual seventh film being made. So.............yeah.