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Kaizar said:
brendude13 said:
It's not the model you think it is.

There's a 2K6 & 2K8 & 2K10 & 2K12 model.

Its clearly not the 2K6 nor 2K12 model, which just leaves 2K8 & 2K10 models.

Warner Bros. said that "Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate" (3DS & PS Vita exclusive)  has about the exact same graphics on both systems.

They also said that they made both versions graphics complete

They also said they had develop the game seperatley for each system, and that they started developing the Vita version at the exact same time the started developing the 3DS version.

So clearly both Handhelds polygon count are very close to each other or they didn't fully develop the game, but this game: "Batman 3DS (working title)" was announced back in 2010 for crying out loud, so it must be a similar polygon count Amoung both systems.

Or do you think Warner Bros. Montreal and the rest of Warner Bros. are liars?

Thank you for the concise and on-topic reply.

Yes, every employee of Warner Bros. is a liar.