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I know it's best to wait for 3D Movies from Warner Bros. (Superman Reboot & Batman 4 & up & etc.) & Disney (Tron 2 & 3 & Pirates 4 & up & etc.) & Dreamworks and any other Hollywood studio that has sign a contract with Nintendo since after 2010 (if any), as well as when Hulu Plus beats Netflix to the punch on having a big library of 3D Streaming Movies before Netflix gets any, to then see what sales are after these kinds of releases, but Monster Hunter 4 clearly is one of those many games only exclusive to the 3DS because of 3D, same goes for King of Pirates & Resident Evil: Mercenaries & Kid Icaurs Reboot & Lugi's Mansion Reboot & so fort.

Theres only a Zelda Ocarina & Star Fox 64 ports because of 3D as well, same goes for Tales of the Abyss & Metal Gear Solid (2 & 3).

the only thing I hate about 3D is the Theater format of the 3D effect for most 3D Movies that have an IMAX screening, because then you have to see the 3D format for theaters on the IMAX screen only to get a good 3D effect in theaters, but at least the image always looks way more clearer/brighter/vivid/anti-aliasing looking with much more deeper looking colors in the 3D screening, despite the resolution going down instead of up.