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betacon said:
osed125 said:
JoeTheBro said:

Or maybe people actually like the device...
I'm getting one and I already own a Vita. I've been wanting to buy an Apple TV/Roku for a while and this seems like a much smarter buy.

Interesting that the people who like it have Sony sigs or avatars. Maybe it's just a coincidence. 

But I'm sure you were just fine with the 2ds.

2 different things. The 2DS concept is to appeal to younger kids who parents don't want (or can't because is too expensive), to buy a normal 3DS, in paper, this a brilliant idea. As for the Vita.TV, I don't see their target. Gamers? Vita is a much much better choice. Kids? The Vita doesn't really appeal to kids. General consumer? Vita sales show that the general consumer isn't interested in the Vita, so no reason to buy one as of yet, and if you want to watch movies there are plenty of other devices (which they probably already own) that do the same.

Price isn't really that big of a selling point, because you can get a PS3 that's not that much more expensive, and gives you much more value. The only appeal I see from this is that if you exclusively wan to play remote play (without some Vita games), but then again, the people that want only remote play are a minority. 

So yeah, it's not about if I liked the 2DS ot didn't liked the Vita.TV, is just that I can't see what is their target.

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