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Old vita with OLED: $229 (yen equiv), comes with 32GB memory card, Hot Shots Gold, 3G/Wifi, Ending in October

October: Yen equiv $189, New Vita with LED, cheaper, lighter, smaller, more colors, internal 1GB storage, longer battery life, portable.

November, Under 100 dollars (yen equiv), Vita TV, Media hub with the ability to play PSP, PS1, and PSV games (subject to controller for touch screen games *at least to me*, non portable, stream music, movies, karaoke player

I dont see any of the three in conflict with each other so I don't understand the hate (well I actually do) its generating.  Somewho who is in the market for a Vita, a portable one, will not have the TV on their radar.  Someone looking for a Apple TV/Roku/Chromecast type device can pick one up with the added benefit of playing games on it.