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osed125 said:

I'm not a fanboy, I like Nintendo, that's pretty much it. 

But tell me, why would Sony fans like this new device when they apparently can't play half of the Vita's library? No matter how much of a fan you are, there's no reason to buy one if you can't play those games. Also, most people complaints (including Sony fans) were the memory cards and those are still present. Why are they still happy about it now? 

I guess most people who said they liked it and only watched the video and didn't see the other news about it. 

Too many people focusing on "Vita" while ignoring the other digital content and the part of its name that is "TV".

Its a $100 device that is intended to allow you access to all of your Sony content/PS+ content/Gaikai content/PS4 content/PSV content.

Obviously parts of that content (PSV) is nto 100%, but its got a lot of other value for that $100 if you're a PS gaming and likely to buy a PS4.

I know I'd consider one if I were buying a PS4 alone. Gives me the capability to play away from main TV which is a huge plus in Wii U's offtv capabilities.