Chris Hu said:
Torillian said:
most is usually the more story focused games where people have a real impetus to continue forward. Heavy Rain had a completion rate far above the average iirc from one of Cage's presentations. If I had to pick one single game I guess I'd go with To the Moon. So short, the story is so gripping, and the challenges are minimal so I can't see much of a reason not to complete it.

Would be interesting to try and find some legitimate data on this stuff. Perhaps you could look for people with any trophy/achievement from a game and then use that as a total in comparison to those that earned the award for finishing the main story which almost every game has.

The game that has been platinumed the most is Assasins Creed 2 I'm sure its one of the games on the 360 where most people have all the achievements for it also.

I'd be curious to know just about what game had the most people finish the campaign, though the platinum thing is interesting.